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Student discount aboard

Student discount aboard

Hi, I have this problem and I feel like lots of other people will have it too. 

I will start with I’m studying aboard and it will be for 2 years.  

Currently I’m studying at the uk, the problem is that I can’t use the student discount as I don’t have an English bank account. I have all the credentials that I’m studying here and I’m living here and also I joined unidays where is offered a student discount but because I don’t have the back account I can’t. My question does really matters? Money is money doesn’t matter where comes from. Don’t think in the first one that has this problem and I think that Spotify should had this solved before hand as there are thousand of students going aboard every year. We as students don’t have lots of money and we try to save every cent possible. 

In resume the idea of just not letting people to use the “student discount” because you don’t have the correct bank account is not necessary. I’m not English but I’m studying in England and I think that's enough to prove that I’m a valid student for this offer. 

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