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Stuttering, lagging, skipping song content on Spotify web player

Stuttering, lagging, skipping song content on Spotify web player



For the last few weeks I've been experiencing horrendous playback on Spotify web player. Songs will have long pauses midway through (yes, multiple times in each song), skip halfway through to another song, most songs aren't even finishing. This is happening on the web player with and without extensions enabled, on both Yosemite and Windows, and on my personal wifi and my office wired broadband. It's either a Chrome issue or a Spotify issue. Anyone else noticed problems with Chrome?


I'd appreciate help as it's making it almost impossible to listen to music and the constant stopping is painful.




5 Replies

I've been suffering from this also for the past week or so. I use the web player on a windows PC, haven't tried it from anywhere else though.

I'm using Firefox. I notice that Adobe Flash was last updated on the 29th December which probably coincides with when this started.

It smells suspiciously like it's a Flash problem.

My spotify simply refuses to playback. It simply says that i have no network connection. I am posting This from my mobile phone. Yup that one without a network connection. Spotify is way too crappy software to ask for ten euro's. I know i Will never get a response on This post and thats another typical spotify service. I hate You guys so much. Why the F do i even bother. darn no more music on the go. Not even in offline mode. Yup need a network connection to listen in offline mode too. Do You realise hoe dumb that makes You look there at Spotify huh? I would be ashamed to even work for such criminals. Taking money but when the app fails no service AT ALL. F U and thx a lot. Best wishes for 2016, i hope You all die an agonisingly painful death

Does the desktop app run Flash also? Cause that works fine, no skipping or lagging. I read somewhere that the desktop app uses a combination of JavaScript and HTML5 - maybe that's why it works and the web player doesn't...

I've also tried using different browsers, same thing happens. Made sure Flash plug-in on Chrome wasn't conflicting with anything, seems fine. Is there still no fix for this? I know a tonne of people experiencing the same thing.

I am using the Spotify Web Player from my Chromebook (property of my high school) and for the past week or so, it has been lagging profusely. Although, for me, it's quite understandable because the Chromebooks that we use at our school are significantly slower, so naturally, I just tell myself that it's the school's wifi (we have a more lenient cell phone rule) but when I get home and use Spotify Web Player, it still lags. I'm not entirely sure whether it's the device itself, the wifi connection at both my school and my home, or if it's the actual web player. I doubt I will get an answer, (referring to the brash reply from a user, last year) it would help if I could find a solution to the problem since Spotify helps me focus on my homework and I've come to depend on it. Spotify is a highly appreciative service, in my opinion, I've just been seeing a lot of issues with the playback. If I could get some tips or even a step-by-step process on how to fix this, that would be lovely. 


Thank you for your time. 

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