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Submitting a single to Spotify playlists

Submitting a single to Spotify playlists

I've heard you are supposed to give yourself at least 5-6 weeks for your album to be uploaded to all stores/sites when using Distrokid, this apparently gives you ample time to submit a song to Spotify playlists. What I want to know is, is it the same thing when releasing a single or a 2 track mini EP? I want to be able to choose from my unreleased tracks to put forward to Spotify playlists so just wondering what the general consesus is on the best time frame?

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The sooner you get your release onto Spotify, the better your chances will be. For a bit of info, when your music is pitched to Spotify's curators, they try to get your music in order to review it. 

It's best to have the music delivered as soon as possible in order to iron out any issues that may arise. Reaching out to their Artist Support team and also your distributor could also should some light on more in-depth info about your release once it's delivered.

TL:DR- the sooner, the better.

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