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[Subscription] No Google Home Mini

[Subscription] No Google Home Mini

I'm in the UK and signed up for Spotify Family for £5.00 extra in mid April which included a free Google Home mini. I never received the mini although it was comfirmed I was eligible when I upgraded.


Chatted to Spotify today and was told an email would have been sent to me when I upgraded with a code to claim the GHM, I never received any email and was told the offer expired at the end of May and the agent did confirm I upgraded im April.


Back and forth, finally checked my billing and discovered Spotify did not actually take the Family Premium subscription £14.99 until my June payment some 6 weeks later.  So I now understand why I never got the offer or the code, seems Spotify delayed processing my upgrade until after the offer expired.


Iwonder how many other people had the same problem ?

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