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Sudden influx of inappropriate ads.

Sudden influx of inappropriate ads.

So. I don't know if this is just with me at the moment (most of the topics I've seen on this are old enough to have been forgotten) but the issue still seems prelevant right now, so I'll bring it up again.

Recently, I've been hearing more and more ads and commercials. Normally, I wouldn't complain a whole lot, even though it seems like it went from one ad between songs, to two, and now three or four back to back. Spotify has to make money somehow.

But a large number of these ads are pushing or have broken the edge between fun and clever, to simply innapropriate. A good number of them swear, and half of the others are implying it. "Raise your middle finger"?

Come on now, Spotify. Maybe not everyone minds these, some even enjoy it. But there are dozens of people that want to listen to music with their families, or siblings, or children, or parents, or while at work, or even on a drive, or while jogging, or while going to sleep. And having the same, loud, rowdy, obnoxious and innapropriate ads playing every couple songs drives them away from Spotify.

This isn't the worst bit though. I mean, at least profanity and the vulgarity of the speakers in the ads can be attested to personal preference. Lots of people might agree with this or that, and just enjoy that particular ad for the same reason they'll enjoy their head banging music. Who cares, right?

But one of the ads really grinds my gears, and it plays every once in a while. There's some catchy tune playing, and a girl says "Oh, I haven't heard this one before."

In reply, there's a chorus of "Are you serious?" And "What a loser!" The narrator comes on and says "Don't lose all your friends. Listen to this or that music blah blah blah."

This ad is implicity stating that if you do not listen to the right music, you are worthless and your friends will leave you. Spotify, do you realize that you have literally become the middle school bully every time you play this ad? Peer pressure at it's finest, broadcast across the world into the ears of probably hundreds or thousands of kids the form of an ad, played inbetween their favorite songs.

Unfilterable cursing is just a bad buisness plan, in my opinion, and if that's what Spotify wants to do, let them. But that kind of peer pressure is straight-up wrong, and shouldn't be played at all. If I wanted to fix this, (which I do, because out of everything, at least Spotify is easy to use and readily available) the very least you could do would be to let us filter what ads we get. Or, if you want to give all the choices to those with premium, just filter the songs yourself, based on what people listen to. Or simply an "Explicit" switch, that affects both ads, and music.

I can't control any of this, of course. And it's still all up to Spotify to fix their stuff. But I thought I would at least mention it, so I can safely play music in my living room with my siblings again.

Thank you for reading.

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I just started using Spotify, but am appalled at the "Blockers" movie ad - explicitly about losing virginity and **bleep**-pacts, when the account is set up for my 14 year old. Any way to give feedback and block that content?

It would be great if we had some like/dislike option for ads. It would be very useful for advertisers in order to get better results. Even those only wants to reach the maximum number of people.


I personally disagree most of the own Sportify for Premium Ads.

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