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Sudden volume changes

Sudden volume changes

I think this is a problem with Spotify and not my computer, but suddenly I'm having problems with the volume. I'm using the web version (Chrome) on an iMac desktop. I'll be listening with earphones, with the volume set on Spotify at about 70% and all of a sudden, in the middle of a song without me having touched anything, it will jump up to 100%. I fix it and it happens again after a few minutes. Is anyone else having this problem? This just started today.

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Hello @NedraW 


Thanks for getting in touch!


Do you have the stand-alone Spotify app open on your computer as well? Or perhaps you have Spotify open on any other device. Could you try closing Spotify on all devices (except the webplayer) to see if the webplayer works how it should?


You can also try clearing cache and cookies in the meanwhile.


Let us know how it goes. Have a nice day!

I use the spotify app on an android phone and tablet playing through an amplifier with chromecast, and both devises displayed this behavior yesterday and today.
It's pretty scary to myself and the neighbours, when a powerful amplifier suddenly maxes out.


I have now cleared cache and forced a shut down of the app on another device to see if that works. But in any case that cannot be the solution - what if my daughter opens her app on the phone? What happens in a few days/weeks when caches are full and apps are open everywhere?

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