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Suddenly can't see most of my Sonos speakers

Suddenly can't see most of my Sonos speakers



I have been using Spotify Premium with my 5 different Sonos 1 speakers for a good while now. The speakers are located in different rooms each.


From the Spotify desktop app I suddenly don't see the speakers anymore, except for the one in the same room as the desktop app. From my phone app this isn't a problem and see them all.


It all worked fine until a couple of days ago and nothing has changed in my house... same modem/router/wifi network. same speakers on the same locations. same everything...


I have an alarm set every morining at 8.00 am to start playing radio on all speakers and stop it at 6.00 pm (18:00 hours). This works fine and since I don't have the speakers paired it means they are all seen by the sonos thingy that is connected to the router.


I'm at a loss... 😞

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Operating System

Windows 10


My Question or Issue

Spotify connect keeps forgetting I have a Sonos 1 speaker i.e. doesn't appear as a device on the desktop app. However, I can access Spotify through the Sonos app and play music. I've previously uninstalled and then re-installed Spotify and that has cured the problem, but not this time. Any thoughts or should I just give up?

Hello @Sjattuh,


Thanks for getting in touch!


Have you tried reinstalling the app? You can see here how. It can also help to restart all your devices including the router.


Hope it helps. Let us know how it goes!


Have a nice day.

It's getting weirder...


I did what you propose after making this post. Now sometimes it sees them all and sometimes it doesn't.


I have a feeling it's something with the wifi.


Ill let you know once I've tested this.


Thanks for your reply though, Mr. Guido. Much appreciated.

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