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Sugarplum Fairy (band) songs removed

Sugarplum Fairy (band) songs removed






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Ond of my favorite bands, “Sugarplum Fairy” just had multiple songs and albums removed. It’s a fairly small and unknown band but it still has about 10 000 listeners/month. I don’t understand why this happened and I was wondering if there’s any way of bringing them back. 

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Hello Jakob_ljunberg!


There can be multiple reasons why a song or an artist got removed from Spotify, sometimes agreements between the artist or label company can't be reached or there may be a change in the ownership of the music and new permission from the rights holders is necessary. 


You can try to follow the steps in this link here for things you can't find on Spotify. 


I hope this answer helped you, and that you get to listen to Sugarplum Fairy with Spotify again! 

Hey @Jakob_ljungberg,


@TheDeniseChen reply was pretty good, but the form to request music isn't a form we use so we removed it from the reply.


You can however get in touch with Sugarplum Fairy and let them know that you want to see their music on Spotify.


Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day!

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