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Suggested songs in childrens playlists

Suggested songs in childrens playlists

When playing Disney singalong or other nursery rhyme stations the last few days, every other song has been a suggested song that does not fit at all. For example it played Wheels on the Bus, then Havana by Caemla Cabella, then If Your Happy and You Know it.  Whats going on??? I jave a small son and several of the songs have had explicit lyrics. Afraid I have to go back to Pandora. Suggestions ?

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Hi @AmandaB2, thanks for being part of the Spotify Community! Assuming you are using the free service and are not on Premium? Suggestions:


If you are using Spotify Free and listening to a playlist with less than 12 songs, Spotify will suggest songs we think you will like. It should only do this on shorter playlists.


To solve this, create a playlist with 12+ songs in it and you should be able to listen to those songs on Shuffle mode. To play songs on-demand, upgrade to Spotify Premium. 


Additionally, you can do a search via the search bar for relevant playlists created by other users. These will have more tracks you might like. As a father myself who plays a lot of Disney for our children, I'm a fan of this one:


Disney Diaper Jams:


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I'm actually listening to a playlist with 63 songs, but it is the Spotify free version. Not sure why we keep getting so many inappropriate, off playlist "suggested" songs mixed in... 

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