Suggesting an edit for some of Tori Amos' discography

Suggesting an edit for some of Tori Amos' discography

I tried to see if I could go on my desktop app and suggest an edit but apparently it has been removed as an option since an article was published back in 2018.


I don't know if I'm in the right place but I wanted to suggest a couple edits to be made to Tori Amos' albums. 


One of them is a version of Little Earthquakes. There are 3 versions on Spotify. One is a remastered version, a deluxe edition and a regular version. The regular version is named "Little Earthquakes (*)" instead of simply "Little Earthquakes" without the asterisk. The asterisk is relatively unnecessary and screws around with the tags on


Another one that needs an edit is From the Choirgirl Hotel. It is listed on the app as "From the Choir Girl Hotel". Choirgirl is simply one word, not two separate words ("From the Choirgirl Hotel" is how it should be properly presented). Like the LE name, it also screws up the tag on


Hopefully this can get sorted out. Thanks!

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