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Last year, I used to regularly receive e-mails from Spotify offering recommended albums/songs/artists based on the music I had been listening to. The proper name of them are escaping me at the moment. Well, I thought these e-mails were great and super useful. Now I only get the "New Music on Spotify" e-mail once a week, which is not really so great or useful for my needs. The discover page on the android app is similar but I find it the sheer amount of stuff overwhelming and often forget that it exists. 


Is there a way to re-enable these e-mails that I may be overlooking? If not, might I suggest making these e-mails an option once more?

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Hi there and welcome to the community,


You can change your e-mail notification settings at the account overview

To receive recommendations, check "Recommendations & Suggestions" and hit the save button.

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