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Switching Starred Songs To The New Songs List

Switching Starred Songs To The New Songs List

I love the new look of spotify but now my starred music is just a playlist? I just want it in that one place so if something happens then it is there. How do I move all the songs at one to the "songs" area? When I try to drag the playlist into it then Spotify just crashes. It's quite frustrating and I believe that his needs to be fixed.

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Which operating system/platform are you using?

Windows 7

@cwoodman In the desktop client you can multiselect a bunch of tracks and just drop them onto Songs. Don't drag more than 500 at a time as you might trigger a bug which breaks Your Music.


If you have any other questions, please post in the relevant thread in the Desktop section where the man threads seem to be


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It won't let me multiselect like it used to.

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