[Symbian] Login Failed with Nokia E51

[Symbian] Login Failed with Nokia E51



I have downloaded the mobile app for my Nokia E51(I downloaded it via the phone). When I try to login(via Facebook) it keeps saying Login Failed - Username or Password Incorrect. I've checked, double checked and checked again the password and username is definately correct.


I read the above thread saying to create a "device password". I had a look on Facebook, but I can't find anything that lets me do this. I even google it to find out how, but to no avail.


I also tried changing the password.


Note, I'm connecting via my wireless home network which works fine when browsing the web on the phone.


Please let me know what I'm doing wrong.

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The device password is something you can do on the Spotify website, rather than Facebook.


You can get started right here.

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I have the same problem. and the problem with the Nokia Spotify app is that you dont have the facebook login option on it. i dont remember my "spotify" password. and when i try to change my mail on my account here. it says wrong password as well. and when i try to change password it says its facebook connected.

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