[Symbian] Problems logging in on my E75

[Symbian] Problems logging in on my E75

I can´t log on to Spotify on my Nokia E75. I had no problems with the previous E75. It was broken so I got this other E75 from work. I use my Spotify username and password, as usual. I don´t use facebook login. And I press accept the terms and conditions. And it looks like it is logging in but returns to the login. I hope I get this working. I have to survive with this phone for a few moths before I get a new one.

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Do your account work on your desktop? 

It could be a terms and conditions bug, try accepting them on your desktop first so they won't appear on your mobile device.



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I have the same issue with my E72. I tryed to download Spotify and reinstall. It seems to me that the new version does not work with my phone....

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