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[Symbian] Symbian AVRCP, play/pause doesn't work.

[Symbian] Symbian AVRCP, play/pause doesn't work.

As the topic states.
The pause does nothing on my kenwood and on a friends pioneer it just mutes the sound, but continues playback. Same goes with play, does not work with nokia (e71) and my android phone.

Forward and Back buttons work fine.

With the default symbian and android players, the playback controls work (pause/play) and it even stops playback when the bluetooth connection interrupts! So I assume spotify's support for these is just borked.

Other than that, nice work.

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You should be happy with that..Smiley Wink on Windows phone NOTHING of that works.. Hardly playback at all..

Yeah, spotify is great, but it's the little things that makes you cry and leave the service.

Hope they fix these things.

Does not work on Windows Phone Spotify at all too.

Got the same problem.

Bought me some cheap, but good , stereo headphones from Amazon and thought they were broken until I read some posts on the web. Tested and it worked fine with default musicplayer in mobile, but with Spotify Play/Pause doesn´t work.

(I  think I managed to answer a call once with one press, but more often they get rejected when I press the Play button. I managed to double press and it called "last called number".)


 With Spotify on  my Mac only changing volume works, not changing tune or Play/Pause

Pressing Play/Pause instead starts iTunes and on iTunes they work fine, all buttons function as supposed to.

I believe that Spotify somehow must make the Spotify app the default player to make this work regardless of platform.

Im using Nokia N8 with Belle as my mobile device and MacBook /Mac Mini with 10.6.8 as computers.




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