[Symbian] When will Spotify update its Symbian app?

[Symbian] When will Spotify update its Symbian app?

I suspect I'm not alone in relying on Spotify as one of the few subscription-based music services available to Symbian users.  A brief search through these community forum would seem to confirm there are many fellow users out there and yet the Symbian client has not been updated for more than a year.


Can someone from Spotify advise when it will be updated to support the latest Symbian Belle devices?


The availability of a client application for Symbian was the primary reason I chose a Spotify premium subscription and I imagine there are numerous other customers who continue their subscription because it provides access from their Symbian mobile phone.


However, with the updates to the Symbian OS, the Spotify app is now lacking in several areas:


  1. Support for landscape mode
  2. Support for the split-screen keyboard when searching
  3. Support for discovering songs via universal file search
  4. Spotify app not available to some Symbian devices, even though they are capable of running it
  5. Support for new Spotify sharing/social features
  6. Fixing Wifi connectivity, so it automatically detects that you're on the correct Wifi network to connect to home PC and re-establishes connection if it is lost

It would be great to hear an official comment from Spotify on the development schedule for the next Symbian version, or at least an indication they are pursuing another avenue, such as a universal app that works in the browser of all mobile devices?

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I for one chose Spotify because of the Symbian support.


I'm on S60^5 and the list above me is a very nice approximation of what's wrong with the app at the moment.


Either cut Symbian support (and lose all subscribers with Symbian phones) or update the app. I DO want to have my cake and eat it.


It would be nice to hear from Spotify on this.

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