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Sync my saved songs on separate devices?

Sync my saved songs on separate devices?

Ok. I apologise if this question has been asked allready but I'm a Spotify noob and didn't see a simular question before deciding to post my own. Apologies in a advance if thats not the case.

So I literally signed up for Premium this morning. Everything was going great, really easy to set up and save all my artists, albums, etc. even managed to test the connect feature between my laptop, my phone and my hudl. That's when I noticed my issue. 

I had gone so far in finding all my favorite artists & bands on my laptop before I decided I should set up Spotify on my other devices. Then when I added some more artists and songs into my lists on my phone it wasn't syncing with my computer or my tablet. It would come up the new artist/band but the saved songs would be at 0, even though I just saved multiple albums on my phone. 

It's not the end of the world, I can easily set up playlists and do it that way but it's just rather annoying that if I find and save a new artist or band I have to search for that one song I like each time I use a different device. 

Is there any way to rectify this? Am I completely missing something in the settings? 

image1: Spotify on my phone
image2: Spotify on my hudl2

Any help would be fab. thanks (:

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Try signing out of Spotify on the tablet, and then sign back in.


Does that help? Sometimes a quick log out refreshes the app content. 

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I had the same problem and this solved it. Never thought it was going to be this easy...

The same thing happens to me and I tried that but it still does not sync...

Same here - I updated and signed out/in to no avail. 


Is there any solution to this?

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