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Syncing ipod to spotify

Syncing ipod to spotify



I am trying to sync my ipod with my spotify account and have just noticed on the help page that it says new ipod nanos that connect with a lightning usb lead dont work with spotify currently. Anybody know when this may be available to do or if not what ipods are you able to sync with spotify as i will need to buy a new ipod if this is the case and dont want it not to work after spending all that money on a new ipod?


I look forward to hearing back the solution for this issue.


Thank you

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Hi there and welcome to the Spotify Community,


You can try sync using the same WiFi connection on your pc and your iPod.


If you open the Spotify app, it should find the iPod and give you the ability to sync.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

Kind regards,

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Hi, and welcome to the community!


Any non iPod-touch devices, including but not restricted to the nano, as mentioned in the help page, can only have local tracks synced to them. You can not sync Spotify catalogue tracks to them as offline tracks as the Spotify app can't be installed to a nano therefore it cannot verify your subscription is still active (the Spotify app will unsync tracks when the subscription terminates, and it stores them encrypted so only the Spotify app can play them).


If you want to sync local tracks to it then the instructions are here, however if you want to download Spotify tracks that you don't own on a CD/mp3 etc. and put them on a device you need to buy an iPod touch or smartphone with the Spotify app available i.e. One with the google play store or iStore.


Anthony 🙂

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