TCL Roku TV Spotify App will not load all playlists

TCL Roku TV Spotify App will not load all playlists


My wife and I recently bought a TCL Roku Smart TV and downloaded the Spotify App, and since we logged in, her playlist will load and mine will not, we share an account and her playlist only has about 400 songs on it, whereas mine has well over 1,000, and will just sit there saying that one of our playlists, obviously mine, since the only two playlists are mine and hers, is just loading, the longest I have left it up without turning off the app has been 45 minutes and I have already tried deleting the app and redownloading it and that did not help.. Has anyone else come across this problem with Roku TV's, and if so how did you fix it?

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I have the same problem on my TCL Roku. It used to load just fine but I have yet to see my different playlists load since Winter 2016. I actually thought it was my Xfinity modem & wifi service that was the problem but I have had it exchanged for the latest version already, deleted & downloaded the Spotify app again on my Roku to no avail... I hope they figure it out soon.


I have a ROKU 3.  Everything worked fine until about two days ago.  Now my playlists no longer load.  Clicking on it pulls up a box that is stuck on LOADING...


I've been going back and forth with ROKU support for several days, so far with no luck.


The weird thing is, everything else works.  Going to What's New I can listen to the music in that folder just fine.  It's only my playlists that don't work.




I am having the same issue with my Roku 3. My playlists work fine on my phone, tablet, and laptop, but not on the Roku. As previous posts, everything else on the Roku works fine, but no playlists.


I have tried adding to the playlist, starring songs, restarting Roku, removing and adding my account, etc.


Any ideas?

I'm having the same issue. Some playlists will load but the majority of them will not. The newest playlist I can load is from the beginning of this past summer. I can't add songs to playlists either. I'm not having this issue on my phone or laptop, just the TV.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Spotify app without any success. I hope this is resolved soon. The last issue with the app in the TCL Roku tv was about a year ago when the search function wasn't working. That issue took many people complaining and about a month before Spotify finally rectified it. It's disappointing that the app is having issues yet again when the TV app is the only reason why I decided to upgrade to premium.


I have a Roku 3 app of which my Spotify app is doing the same thing. Removing and/or logging out and back into the app on Roku 3 only has it showing up in one instance with a playlist of "Starred Items" but nothing loads then another time it just simply says it's loading playlists but nothing shows up. My iPhone 6 Spotify app is working just fine. Although, I've noticed today that trying to log into my Spotify account via the web, it does not recognize my username and/or password. Insanity abounds!


I have a roku 3 and have had similar issues.  I've noticed a couple things that help.  First, it appears that if I have Spotify open on another device it makes a difference.  I've been able to get playlists to update on the roku 3 by making sure Spotify is closed on all other devices.  Second, I've noticed that it's always the most recent playlists I've created that fail to update.  Exiting the roku app, deleting and recreating the playlists that weren't loading in the roku app on a different device, then exiting spotify on that device, waiting a few minutes, then opening the roku app has sometimes produced positive results.  It's a head scratcher for sure.  I hope Spotify pays attention to the number of people having this issue and updates their roku app.


Mine is now stuck at the Playlist loading screen.  Just keeps spining the progress wheel. Everything else works.  I tried removing the Spotify App and reinstalling it.  Nothing...

I'm having the same issue as well. It seems like one issue gets solved and another pops up.


Yep. They all just disappeared.

Clearly that was the correct solution for them /s. Smart TV users probably make up a small percentage of customers so I guess they figured that they won't lose enough money to make fixing the problem a priority.

That's fine, I can go back to using an iPod while I'm driving. I upgraded to Premium when I got my smart tv solely so that I could listen to Spotify on it. I'm not going to continue paying for features that I'm no longer getting. They can take the new and top tracks menus away, they're useless to me. For me, playlists and search are the most important functions. Taking away playlists renders Spotify as almost useless.

I'll see if they decide to fix it and restore playlists in a timely manner and I'll decide whether to keep paying for premium or not.

I have the TVL Roku Tv and I get on Spotify this morning and zero playlists are there. All I have are search, what's new, top tracks, and accounts. I use it all the time when cleaning and doing homework. Anybody figured out how to get them back? I've deleted and reloaded everything and that didn't help.


It appears that it is impossible to get the playlists back.  It's not a problem with the user's settings on their Roku device.  It seems that Spotify has simply decided it's too much trouble for them to maintain the app so that playlists work.  So they've stripped the app down so that all it offers is search.  The fact that they have done nothing to let users know that they have done so is pretty disappointing.  I'm thinking of cancelling my account with them over it.

Same thing happened to me! I'm super upset! I used it for cleaning, helping calm my baby, etc... Spotify is going to lose their customers!

Mine disappeared as well. I have thr TCL Roku TV.

Please please please provide a solution for this issue! I will cancel my Spotify account if this isn't fixed. This is for my Smart TV Roku where my playlists won't appear.

Can't improve on what others have already written. Spotify, please help!


On my tcl roku tv, when i first downloaded spotify and went ahead and purchase the app for premium because that's the only way you can get spotify on your tv, i could listen to my playlist that I've made. But now it just loads whats new, top tracks, now playing. I purchased this for a reason and i want what ive paid for. And even accessing the app from my phone, using it as a remote, it does not connect. They need to fix this problem.


Completely agree - Spotify is terrible! So many customers have complained and they have just sat on the side lines spinning around on their office chairs doing absolutely nothing to resolve this!!


Yep, it's been months since my initial comment and still nothing has changed. We recently upgraded to family because my boyfriend wants to be able to listen to music on his tablet at work without dealing with the glitchy WiFi. 


Meanwhile, my Roku Smart TV and Roku stick are useless when it comes to Spotify. I wonder if a petition would bring about some change. 


Spotify - upgrade your app on the tv to a level of functional that's decent or remove yourself from Roku. It's ridiculous that smart tv brands advertise having Spotify as an app when Spotify is absolute **bleep** on smart TVs. 


I wonder if a petition would bring about some movement since Spotify clearly doesn't care about the message board here. If people can do it for WMU's mascot, I'm sure we could do it for a smart TV app. 

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