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TV Video Support for JRE Podcast

TV Video Support for JRE Podcast

This is a new and dare I add, novel idea that has just occurred for the first time ever and should definitely not be closed right away due to anything that even so slightly appears similar. Ready?! Actually listen to what people have said and add video to TV streaming of the Joe Rogan podcast. I don’t care what platform if you want to get specific. It’s taken this long to take hold when people have been able to stream it to all TVs since the dawn of time. At this point it should be a non-issue. I should be complaining about how I’m not able to stream it from my moon base. Literally this isn’t even an idea. It should have been an innate feature during the switch akin to being born with the ability to breathe oxygen while the pulmonary surfactant keeps the alveoli open enabling respiration to occur. Mind me, I’m not particularly tech savvy, but judging by everybody’s reaction they are displeased with the service as well across multiple platforms. While I cannot claim to possess the technical knowledge to work for Spotify myself and just go ahead and do it for you. I can assure you I could go to school and obtain my four-year undergraduate degree majoring in “How to give people Joe Rogan on TV” with a minor in “Shia  LaBeouf ‘JUST DO IT’’” and then do it quicker than you can piece together the obvious course of action here. Lastly, I don’t need any votes on this post, it should be redundant by now. Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

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Hey @mosty35,


Thanks for posting on the Community. 


Hope you don't mind us moving your post - we understand your frustration and we assure you we've forwarded your feedback to the Spotify team.


We ask our users to vote and subscribe for a particular idea, not only to show their support for the feature, but to be updated when we have any news to share.


You can keep an eye on our blog as well, to be the first to know if the option gets implemented.



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Unsatisfactory Elena. The inability to adequately respond to the concerns of a large group of customers is unfortunate. I know it is of little concern to you or the company, but I am promptly cancelling my premium account and support of the service. I wish you well.

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