Tell Alexa to Save a Song to Library

Tell Alexa to Save a Song to Library

Is there a way, when listening to Spotify via my Amazon Echo, to tell Alexa to save the current song to my library (formerly the "star" feature)? Or, even better, to add it to a specific playlist?


When I listen to Pandora on the Echo I can say "Alexa, thumbs up" and it will record my rating on my Pandora account. I'd love to see a similar function from Spotify.

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I had this problem too so I built an Alexa skill to solve it.  It's called "Song Keeper for Spotify" and you can enable it in the Alexa app.  Feel free to shoot feedback to the email in the skill description.  High ratings will help other people in the Alexa app find it if they need it.

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Awesome thanks for this!


I'd definitely love it if in an update you could add the ability to save it to a playlist. If it's too much work to allow it to save to ANY playlist, even just the ability to save it to a single playlist ("Alexa Saves" or whatever you want to call it) that I could go back and sort through later would be exactly the solution I've been looking for.

Thanks for the feedback!  Glad people are finding it useful 🙂

Due to your feedback and some others wrote in adding to your top 100 playlists, an Alexa playlist and following the playing playlist.


Enjoy 🙂

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