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Teufel Raumfeld - Connect unreliable

Teufel Raumfeld - Connect unreliable

Hi Folks,

I just started using Spotify on my Teufel Raumfeld Speaker a few days ago.

Yesterday it started to act funny. The app is trying to connect to the speaker connect but fails most of the time. However sometimes it does work perfectly. Sometimes it just "looses the connection", meaning the stream is running but I cannot control it via Spotify-App (even so it claims to be connected).


I tried everything I can think of ... which is not much more than rebooting and resetting the speaker, restarting the Android-Apps and Device, restarting the Network. Still no Luck.


I have no clue if this is a Spotify or a Raumfeld problem.

I also do not know how "spotify connect" works under the hood. Could some server-Problems relate to this? As far as I understand I am not actually streaming from my Andrid to the Speaker, it's more like "spotify connect" devices are remote controlled spotify clients itself ?

Any thoughts?




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Hey @s31108


Could you please check for me if your speakers firmware is up to date? This usually fixes most problems 🙂

same problem here with Raumfeld L.

Since ~2 days.


I've talked to Teufel (Manufacturer of Raumfeld).

It is not on their side. Firmware is up-to-date (1.50.27)


As a developer i know how to hunt bugs.


with spotify connect there is a hand-over to the speakers.

I think it is some sort of server problem.


pls fix.



Thanks, but everything is up to date

Raumfeld Firmeware is 1.50.27

Spotify Version is



Soundy like my problem. I tried contacting support but gave up waiting and wrote an email.


"I think it is some sort of server problem"

Well.... I think so too but how am I supposed to know? There's hardly anything you can do besides turning on and off and resetting ...

I have the same problems but with my Gramofon receiver. It acts funny. It doesnt connect most of the time, and if it does, i cant control anything in the spotify apps.

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Hello @s31108@goojoob@goojoob


I suggest you try a clean reinstall and see if this helps, This usually fixes most problems 🙂


Note: This will remove any saved offline tracks and cache 🙂 


Hi @jean3601 that was the first thing i did. Didn't change the behaviour. It must be something with the Spotify Connect Servers...
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Thank you for the prompt feedback 🙂


I will escalate this issue to Spotify 🙂


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Hey guys,


Welcome to the Spotify Community.


We'd like to investigate this further. Could you provide us with a reply that includes the following info? 


Spotify version:


Firmware version:

Steps to reproduce:

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device):



Hey, no problem. Thanks for looking into this ...


But let's be said that I don't experience any problems ... I guess since 4 days now.


Spotify version:

Devices running Spotify App:

- HUAWEI Y300-0100 (Android 4.1.1) with Spotify Version 

- Kindle Fire 5. Gen (Fire OS 5.0.1) with Spotify Version

I was pretty sure to have Versin running on both devices when I checked last Sunday. I installed Spotify on the Kindle via Google Play, so maybe there was an update since then... you probably know.

Firmware version: Of Raumfeld One M Device is 1.50.27

Steps to reproduce: Open Spotify, Choose Device to connect to (little Speaker Icon). Attemp to establish connection ususally failed. Sometimes it did not fail but I was unable to control Speaker (Volume, Next Song, start/stop, etc.) even so Speaker was marked as connected (green Text).

Have you tried any solutions (e.g. Updating the firmware; Restarting the device): When I checked Spotify was up to date. Tried restarting Spotify App, Rebooting Android Devices, turning Speaker on and off (power supply unplugged), Resetting Speaker.



btw: I have no Idea where the rest of the guys are from, but there was a powerfaily a day before at a datacenter in Gütersloh, Germany giving some troubles for a few major german websites. Don't know if your service is connected to this by any means.


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