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Teufel Raumfeld Multiroom not supported by Spotify?

Teufel Raumfeld Multiroom not supported by Spotify?



just started my premium test with Spotify and like it very much!


I have some Teufel Raumfeld speakers and don't find an option for multiroom listening of Spotify music. That makes the whole thing pretty useless for me.

E.g. alone in my living room I have 3 Raumfeld speakers. Usually they are synced. With Spotify I can only turn on one.


I saw that other systems (e.g. from Samsung) already allow multiroom functionality with Spotify.

I talked to Raumfeld Support and they said that Spotify does not allow the multiroom feature for Raumfeld.


Is that true? Is Raumfeld mutiroom support maybe in planning?


Thanks for you feedback!

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I have called with Raumfeld support about this issue, because i am looking to buy a system aswell. 

They told me that they are working on it and that the developers are on it allready, they expect a solution

in spring 2016. I guess i better wait for this before i make the buy.



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