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Teufel Raumfeld - Multiroom

Teufel Raumfeld - Multiroom



I bought a Teufel Raumfeld System with the intention to play spotify in my whole house. The first look (integration of spotify in raumfeld) seems to be great. Unfortunately I recognized that it is not possible to play the spotify sound simultaneously in multiple rooms - which is the intention of a multiroom system. Based on input from Teufel this is because of limitations by spotify. 


Is there a kind of workaround or will this be enabled soon? Otherwise I think I have to switch to napster - there it works as expected.


Thanks in advance,




1 Reply

Same here. The only workaround i found is to use spotify on a different device like a media server and line it analog with the raumfeld system. Everything exept volume can be controlled in the spotify app.

It works but I think it's pretty stupid. I want it to be easy.
Any suggestions? I'm gonna try napster but I would actually prefer to keep on using spotify...

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