The Beautiful South "Choke"

The Beautiful South "Choke"


Am I the only American who loves The Beautiful South?


I discovered them back in the late 80s, pre-internet when they spun off from The Housemartins. Love their ironic and often sarcastic lyrics with cheerful tunes. For years, all I had was their first album, Choke and 0898. If you could wear out a CD, I would have. Thanks to the internet I discovered that their greatest hits album "Carry On Up The Charts" was the best selling album in the UK of ALL TIME when it was released and they had a whole catalog that was never released in the states.


Anyway, to get to my point. Please add "Choke" to Spotify, it would make this user very happy.

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Due to certain copyright restrictions and legal requirements, Spotify may not always have every song available for listening. Songs and albums are generally removed or not allowed to be added because of a request from either the artist or the recording company.


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