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The Radio App is broken

The Radio App is broken

I've been paying and using Spotify Premium daily and mostly only the radio app. But I've noticed pretty some time ago that while I'm liking or disliking songs it doesn't make ANY DIFFERENCE WHAT SO EVER. Recently disliked songs jump back up every 20-30 songs which is extremely frustrating. Why not COMPLETELY remove the song in a particular radio after it has been disliked.


Let's say my playlist is 75% rock and 25% kpop, the radio station can still only play kpop with one particular rock song here and there (note that particular rock song is 80% always from the same band)


And lastly it doesn't really matter how many songs I skip, like or dislike the variation of the music played is still none.


This same problem occurs on both the PC version and the Android app version.


I've been waiting and waiting for someone to fix this issue. The radio app has always been the reason why Spotify is amazing, without a working Radio App I will end my subscription.




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