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The same commercials, over and over...

The same commercials, over and over...

Plan: Free

Country: US, unfortunately

Device/Operating System: Laptop running Windows 10 and (I believe) Windows store version of Spotify ( Spotify for Windows )

My Question or Issue:

I don't mind commercials; however, spotify is playing the same commercials over and over. It has been gradually increasing to the point that I now hear the same Crest, Tide, and Disney commercials EVERY commercial break. Spotify support through Facebook messenger has been less than helpful.


Is this just spotify's way of trying to force me in to a paid account, or is there some known issue and a way to fix this? I'm pretty tired of these commercials, and equally as tired of having to switch to Pandora for my listening. Spotify is obviously superior, but I can only hear "the magic is calling, is calling" (an the other commercials) but so many times before I'm ready to pull my hair out.


Thank in advance.

2 Replies

Hey how's it going? Hope all is well with you and your family! Unfortunately some ads are set up by their advertisers, like the programming in other apps, the advertiser can choose how many times the ad will appear for the user, so if the same ad appears for you it means that the bases of your profile have to do with the advertiser's target audience. As you said yourself, Spotify is the best platform to listen to music, I think you should consider a primiun plan, that way your experience would be even more amazing. I hope I explained it well, a big hug and I wish you an amazing week!

If it's the advertisers doing it, they're failing miserably (at least in my case). Of the 3 ads I am constantly hearing, I would have only bought 1 of the products. Recently, when it came to making a purchase between tide and another brand, I went with the other brand simply because I was so sick of hearing about tide 5+ times an hour.


So, if this is something spotify doesn't control (and thus, will not resolve), I guess it's time to fully go back to pandora and torrents.


Thank for the reply.

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