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The search engine in spotify is not working

The search engine in spotify is not working

I have a weird problem with Spotify:

When I try to search a song, the following message appears:

"Oooops, something went wrong"

Moreover, I can't save songs to "Liked Songs". Furthermore, I cannot create a new account because the following message appears every time:

"This email is already connected to an account. Log in." - This is shown for each e-mail address entered.


I am using the Spotify in web browser: Chrome, however the problem exists on every browser, which I checked: so also on Edge and Brave.

I am using Spotify on two PCs.

The problem exist only on one of them.

The next weird thing is, that when I log to my account on TOR (Brave), then everything works.


Can you help me?

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I know this isn't related at all... but by "TOR", do you mean the dark web? It probably works on the dark web because you have multiple identities (computer footprint wise), so you're like everyone else. I can help you, though. Just use TOR to do Spotify. Easy.

Yes, I mean the dark web and it is inconvenient to use. I do not understand, how it is possible, that my web version of Spotify doesn't work properly on my PC and it works good on other PC. This problem is independent of the web browser. 

Im getting similar error, my search engine doesnt work simply, and ask me to try different words, doesnt matter what i write, no results! And ive tried many different things, change Internet, 4g, nothing works!

Hey @MarceloKnaka 

There was a brief outage around Friday that affected Spotify's search funtionality. Is this issue still present for you? 🙂

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