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The shuffle algorithm is messed up

The shuffle algorithm is messed up







iPhone 6s



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 I have a feeling that the song by ID "Natural" is getting misstreated by the Spotify algorithm, it is by far the song i’ve listened to the most recently but it never seems to appear when i shuffle my playlist with the song in it, even when i add the song multiple times to the same playlist to try and get it more often it just does not show up. I think it might be a problem that is worldwide, considering the fact the song is number 12 on trending on youtube but nowhere in the top 50 charts worldwide, i don’t know if it’s an issue or simply me missreading the situation but if it is a bug i would like to bring attention to is since "Natural" is an amazing song that deserves as much recognition as it can possibly get.

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Hey @Platifer, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Thanks for your comments well pass them to the right team. However, we’d love to hear your feedback here about Shuffle Mode:


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