This Community Forum in General Seems Very Cluttered

This Community Forum in General Seems Very Cluttered

I just registered with the community today and I was perplexed to see how these topics were organized. I feel like brand new users who sign up would feel intimidated or confused because they wouldn't know the first thing to do or the first place to go.

The interface should be much cleaner. You have topics at the forefront of the forum that date all the way back to 2012. It seems very niche and behind the times. Other community forums seem much more up to date while this one is behind the times.

Is there any way you guys could give it The major overhaul it needs so that it can be much more user friendly? Thank you for your consideration in advance.
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Thank you for your contribution 🙂 I'll pass along your feedback to the Spotify Community staff.

Have a great day!

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