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Tired of Lady Gaga

Tired of Lady Gaga

I have Spotify, but not premium. But still, I'm super tired of Lady Gaga. Her picture is gross, her songs are stupid, irritating, and vulgar. I'm really, really tired of her ads. I am not going to listen to her of my own will and I will stop using Spotify if I don't get a lot less of her in my sight and hearing. I have CDs and the regular radio; I don't have to use Spotify. I enjoy using it because all my music is in one place, but these ads are so much more annoying and aggravating compared to the others I have heard on here. And don't tell me to buy Premium: I am a full-time student with no money.

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I'm so sorry you feel that way.

"You're a beautiful unicorn, you have to believe in yourself."


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