Title not available after pausing / Offline tracks playback

Title not available after pausing / Offline tracks playback



I'm new to Spotify, registered a few days ago. I have one question to playback on my Android device. I have some albums which I have marked for offline playing. Furthermore I have a bluetooth receiver in my car which is connected to the cars aux -in. Playback was fine until I paused playback because I left the car for some time. I paused the playback before leaving the car. When I came back about 2 hours later I tried to resume the playback. That did'nt work, had a "Title not found" popup (I use the german version, so I don't know the exact popup for the english version). When I immediately start the playback of that title from the beginning it works.

I tested that later on and was able to reproduce it even with other titles. It seems as if does only occur if the pause is longer than x minutes.


Any idea about it? It would be nice to be able to continue playback without restarting the title.


The second question is about offline tracks in general. I learned that I can mark up to 3333 titles for offline mode and that I have to go online at least every 30 days. I think this necessary to check if I'm still on premium account. As mentioned before I have marked some albums for offline playing. I think those were downloaded to my Android device. Are these played offline even if my device is online?

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The first issue should like an old bug where the app forgot what content it was playing when it was paused by the android OS. Is anyone else seeing that?

Second answer is yes, Spotify will always prefer offline content to streaming it even if online.

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