Too much ads

Too much ads


I know ads are spotify's way of paying the artists and employees. Buuuut, I've just noticed that after every 3 songs played, I get 4 ads. I used to get like 1 or 2. Now, I could understand this after every 10 songs but not 3. That's absurd. I am a free user, but still. You have to look at the bigger picture. Just because I'm a free user doesn't mean I don't have to hear ads, I'm just saying there is way too many ads for just every 3 songs. At least bump it up to 10 songs before you get ads. I mean, there is a HELLUVA lot of free users that are playing the free version. This almost seems absurd. I know that Spotify is most likely (I AM GUESSING DONT GET ON MY BACK) making more money than it really needs to push out albums and pay the artists and stuff. It's just that Spotify is being a bit lazy and not pushing out all the albums. I have not seen Eminem's newer albums for at least 3 years. I have also seen that some of the other rap artist's albums aren't even being kept up with. So this lets me to believe that Spotify is just being a bit lazy and just wanting a bit more money than they really need to keep their business going. I mean like at least a 500 million (AN EDUCATED GUESS) users are using this app or web browser, so that means that Spotify is also making me suspect that they're making more money than they need to keep up with the stuff. Every second passing by, there is always another premium or unlimited user joining the "No Ad Team" and the free users are getting ads. Every day there is a lot of payments from the subscriptions going to spotify. Now this also makes me believe that calculating all this, they are making at least (EDUCATED GUESS) 1-10 mill a month, maybe a little bit less, but still it's pretty high up there. I do not see the need to have 4 ads every 3 songs. You're only getting an average of 9 minutes for like what? 2 minutes worth of ads (30 second ads). Now, calculating all this up (REALLY TAKE THIS IN AND LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE NOT THAT IM A FREE USER) I suspect that the free users are getting played with a bit. Please fix this because certainly I must be somewhat correct about this.

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