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Top Spotify Artists Tinder

Top Spotify Artists Tinder

I have seen a few posts (reddit ect) with many people annoyed and frustrated that their tinder profile is putting artists/songs forward that they very rarley listen to as.  oppose to ones they do.


For me and many others, music is such a powerful tool to connect with people and the integration with Tinder is a really good step, however what is the point in an integration if it is below-par.


My idea is to make the integration with tinder better so that we can get a much more accurate representation of the artists we know and love to appear on our tinder profiles so we can connect with people via music more accurately. 


I've seen different ways suggested to implement this but I will leave this up to you guys, we just want our real Top Artists to show and not people I have listened to last year.

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I'm glad people are still alerting spotify about this.


I'm an avid spotify user, and music taste is personally really important to me when using tinder, so I'd love to showcase who I actually listen to on my profile. Somehow, Spotify is telling tinder I love artists like Bastille (whom I scarcely listen to, maybe once a week at most).


Most of my artists are people I listen to, but they're just in completely the wrong order and the song it displays is always inaccurate. Again to use Bastille as an example, not only do I hardly ever listen to them, but the song it thinks it should showcase as my favourite is Happier ft. Marshmello, a song I don't think I've EVER listened to on spotify. It's absurd. Apparently Taylor Swift's new release of Love Story is my top song from my top artist, but my shows that, no matter which timeframe you use (7, 30, 90, 180 days), Taylor Swift never even breaks the top 20. And my ACTUAL top artist of all those periods, You Me At Six, doesn't show up at all in my top artists on tinder.


On all the posts I've seen about this over the last ~5 YEARS (!!), Spotify have always said they're working on it and closed the threads, citing that the relevant people have the information and are working to fix it. Half a decade later, the problem still exists, Spotify. It's about time you stopped lying about fixing it and actually got around to fixing it. Bumble represents my top artists perfectly, so it's obviously not hard and you've implemented proper integration before.

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