Tracks in Playlist not being downloaded to phone playlist?

Tracks in Playlist not being downloaded to phone playlist?


So I put the whole album of good kid, m.A.A.d city into one playlist under "Marick". I'm having trouble downloading all the songs from the playlist onto the phone. It says that there are 16 songs in the playlist (Marick), but the phone only downloads 3 of the 16 songs?!


The songs are definitely NOT going to be hidden or are unavailable because I can play them perfectly fine on my computer. I can find the songs with "Search" on my mobile phone (HTC One), but my tracks from my PC aren't carrying over! I've manually synced my PC to my PHONE, so please help!

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I have a problem with syncing download songs to my offline playlist on iphone 5S. I have tried the same on Ipad and the same songs downloaded without problems there. I have a Premium account.

Few things to double check, do you guys both have at least 1GB+ of free storage space on your devices?

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Yeah, I have over 10+GB of storage available. I've only downloaded 21.74 MB of music. 

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