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Tracks missing in Desktop and Web player, but not Mobile

Tracks missing in Desktop and Web player, but not Mobile

In this week's mix prepared for me by Spotify's algorithm, I noticed that there is one track that is not showing up in my Desktop (Windows) player, nor in the Web player, but that shows up and plays fine in the Mobile app (Android).


I have enabled "show unplayable tracks" in the Desktop client options, and do see the greyed-out entries in other playlists. Also, this does not seem to be an unavailable track, as it plays fine on my phone. It's just entirely missing on Desktop and Web.


Mobile says the playlist is 30 songs, 2h15min and the track shows up and plays fine.

Desktop says the playlist is 29 songs, 2h9min and the track is missing.

Web say the playlist is 30 songs, 2h11min, yet the track is still missing. Counting the tracks I only get to 29.


The track in question is **bleep** Robot – End of the Trail. If I open the Spotify track link, copies from the Mobile client, I can play it fine in both the Desktop and Web player. I noticed, however, that when trying to open up the context menu on the track on Mobile, it tells me that I need to go online. I am, however, in online mode, and the context menu works fine for any other track.


Question 1: Why is this happening?

Question 2: Could this be happening anywhere else? As I don't even see a greyed-out entry for the track when I'm not on mobile, this leads me to believe that I could be missing tracks from my playlists because of this bug.

Spotify Wochenmix 2016-04-09 Shitrobot 0.png
Spotify Wochenmix 2016-04-09 Shitrobot 1a.png
Spotify Wochenmix 2016-04-09 Shitrobot 2a.png
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