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Transition enabled on albums. Is it new ?

Transition enabled on albums. Is it new ?

Before, it seemed to me that slow transitions (mix) were only enabled for playlists and when putting the album in suffle mode.
Now when I enable this feature it also does it on albums in normal play mode. It can't work that way for 2 reasons:
1 - Pauses between songs in an album are part of the work intended by the artist.
2 - When you listen to an album mix (DJ-Kicks for example) it adds a fade to the initial mix. This breaks the work of the DJ

How do I get back to the previous mode without changing my setting every single times I listen to something (album, mix album or playlist)?

Thank you
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Hey @Alphamatt,


Thanks for posting in the Community!

I believe what you're referring to here is either the Crossfade setting or the Automix setting.
Both settings can be switched on or off in the App Settings -> Playback (but not from the Web Player) and currently, when enabled, they will apply to all supported tracks, albums and playlists.
Tip: Both settings will change the transitions between songs a.k.a. how they overlap with one another (with Crossfade being a set transition and Automix being a more seamless one, set by algorithms)

In case what you meant here is something different, please let us know and we'll gladly take another look 🙂
Many thanks in advance & happy holidays!

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