Trouble with ps4

Tried playing some music from my ps4, which has been working earlier. Now it seems that some (many) songs cant be played, and when i press play, it decides to jump from the song i have chosen to 1-3 songs forward. Tried about 20-30 songs on the top lists, and only 1-2 songs work..
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Hi @Mathiaslok!


Welcome to the Spotify Community and thanks for letting us know about this.


Can you let us know how long this has been happening for? It may sound simple, but a quick reinstall should help with this.


Keep us posted 🙂

Been a problem for a week now, but may have been like this for much longer. Usually I play spotify on my cell only, but after my aux input got useless i tried with my ps4 again.
Tried reinstalling now (deleted the whole program, then installing it), but still unable to play most songs.

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