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Turkish Radios are not working?

Turkish Radios are not working?

At the beginning,Turkish Rock , Turkish Pop and Turkish Folk Music radio options were working well , but for last two or three weeks,there is a problem and it gives the error that "we are sorry this station is not working".When will they ever work ? Thanks.

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Have you tried logging out and then back in? Do the stations work on the web player?


Can you provide this information:

Operating System Version:

Spotify Client Version:

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It's also worth a quick clean reinstallation of the client:!/article/reinstallation-of-spotify

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I tried the web player ,logging out and in again and again and also reinstalling the software but nothing helped the Turkish radios issue.I am really sorry that a program I really like does this to me .Do you still have a recommendation to do to get my local folk pop and rock radios back.Thanks for your help and sorry for late response to your messages.

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