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Twitch and Spotify?

Twitch and Spotify?

Now I am not a streamer but I am one of the mods for a streamer. He asked me to research this topic for him. Currently he is a small streamer getting anywhere from 10-50 concurrent views depending on the game he is playing, and he plays background music on his stream. He knows its illegal since he does not have a licence for doing so, so he was wondering if there was anyway to get a license to play music from spotify on his stream. He currently does not have a partnership with twitch so he does not make any money on stream, except through the super rare donation he might get through paypal (which we like to think more of gifts since we know how the US laws look at donations for people and orginizations that aren't non-profit). So is there anyway he could play music from spotify on his livestream legally, and at what cost?

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No, it is against the Spotify ToS to make public any part of the service you receive.

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So u dont have any single music track with can be legally shared over YT or twitch? thats a shame, there is a lot of free music. there should be a tag, when selected in options, allows only free music to be played.

In that case i have to consider if i have any use for premium account.


In the words of 


"The law that is being broken here is the copyright infingement law. It is not spotifys job to enforce this. It is the owner of the copyright that must pursue litigation..."
In other words it is the musicians who are harmed by violation of this law, not Spotify, so that is why you have not recieved an answer.
@Spotify though, I see that this is a frequent question on your page though, and as a streamer myself and someone who sees many people stream music without permission, I think there would be a definite market for a higher-priced subscription that included compensation for artists for music played while streaming! Please might you consider a fashion to implement this solution?

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