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Two Songs Removed From Playlist

Two Songs Removed From Playlist






(iPhone 8+, Macbook Pro)


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I was listening to my playlist on my MacBook, specifically the song TABOO by Denzel Curry, I let the playlist play out a bit more and I decided I wanted to listen to that song again so I searched it up through the filter in the playlist and it was completely removed. The rest of the album remained in my playlist but TABOO and another track, BLACK BALLOONS, were both removed from the playlist for no reason and I had to re-add them completely. I’m confused as to why this happened as the rest of the album “TA13OO” stayed saved on my playlist. This is worrying me that random songs might be getting removed from my playlist without me knowing and with a playlist of almost 3.5k songs on it I wouldn’t be even able to tell if a song I loved randomly got ripped out of my playlist until I went in myself to see it removed with no rhyme or reason.

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