Two things


Two things



The first one is that in the program for the computers (not the web player) is not possible to search an artist once you are in your library as you can do it in your phone.

In the phone you can follow the following steps: go to your library, click on "your artists" and then search one by his name writting down it. This last step is not possible to do it in a computer. Instead of it, you have to search it, scrolling the mouse through the list.


The other one is that I have a collaborative list with my friends and everyone upload songs. Some of them I like them and some not, so I would to have a filter for those one that I saved. Therefore, the people can upload songs, listen them, save the one who like and then just listen those ones in the future without having to create another playlist. That filter would be like the upload data, the name or the artist.


Hope that these ideas would be useful for you also! Sorry for my englsh, I'm spainsh... 🙂



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