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I am a long-time Spotify user and absolutely love it! Since I have some experience in using the platform I also have noticed some things that can be made more beneficial for users. I understand Spotify has other things that need to be dealt with, like any other major business, but I firmly believe with these changes -- Spotify will attract attention of music lovers and users will be greatly content with these updates. I ask that the Spotify team will consider these updates:

1.More social media friendly
-Ability to change profile picture without having a facebook account
-Ability for users to change their name from strictly a username to profile name, if desired
-When a user follows another user: automatically follow all playlists made by the user (that are not private)
-Easy access to link of a user's Spotify account so they can put it on other social media allowing others to follow them effortlessly
-In "Home", when scrolled down, have updates/posts of people you follow; whether they have added new songs to their existing playlists, created a new playlists, etc.. (not including private playlists). Also allow users to choose what they want "publicized" on "Home Feed" in their account settings

2.More customizable
-Ability to change the order of playlist users make, the same way users can change the order of songs in their playlist
-Ability for users to make their own "mix of the day" buy adding their playlists together, or choosing artists/albums/songs they like and Spotify making a random "mix of the day" for them (kind of like it is now)
-In "Library", allow users the option to delete the sub-tabs they don't find useful, example: "podcasts & videos"
-Ability to customize the categories you want in "Home", example: "recently played" & "inspired by your recent listening"
-The option of adding a description to user's playlists that also help others find songs they are looking for by typing key words into the search bar
-In "Browse" allow users to move preferred genres to the top and delete genres that don't interest them

-Choice of color of whole program when app is opened
-Alignment across all platforms, for example: changes and settings made on the user's phone will be made on their computer as well, when logged their account
-When clicked the dots on a song for further options/actions, have "add to a playlist" be the first option since it's most used instead of "save"

-When signed up, have an option to learn specifics more about the various settings and features Spotify offers to facilitate navigation throughout the app

I hope Spotify will seriously consider these changes, as it will revolutionize the music streaming industry. If possible please let me know if any of these changes actually are utilized! Thank you for your time,

Lauren Madeira

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Hey @laurenmadeira


Thanks for taking the time to post your honest feedback.


I wanted to let you know that a few of the ideas in your post are actually already possible:


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Thank you for letting me know, helped a lot!!

You're welcome 

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