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Unable to access my spotify profile and playlists

Unable to access my spotify profile and playlists

I cannot get into my spotify profile but could still access my playlists. My friends cannot see my profile either. My profile does come up on the search but one you click on it or click on the profile on the top right it comes up "please go online to view user profiles."  There is nothing wrong with my internet connection. On my android phone there is also an error when i try to access my profile it comes up "Sorry, something went wrong." I logged off logged off and back on didnt make a difference. When i reinstalled spotify on my desktop now i can no longer see my playlists on the left hand side and i still cant access my profile. Please help

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I only have a black screen when trying to access Spotify on my windows phone, it ha always worked before, I haven't tried it on my home computer. Help!!!!!!! Im afraid that if I uninstall it I'll lose all my music

I have same problem. My Spotify primium

Did you end up getting this fixed? I have the same issue and can't figure out how to fix it. I reinstalled and it did nothing.

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