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Unable to connect to sportify through Sonos


Unable to connect to sportify through Sonos

I purchased and installed a sonos play:3 this friday (November 1st). I have used it to listen to Spotify without any (major) problems. However, last night it stopped working.

It wasn't able to conenct to Spotify all of a sudden. I tried a "re-authorization" which didn't work so I removed spotify from the sonos app. Now I can't re-connect. In fact, I am not even brought to the page where I'm supposed to login, I just get an error message prompting me to contact Spotify if the problem remains (which it does).

Spotify works on my Ipad and other devices, just not through Sonos. Sonos works with other online services (eg. Napster Rhapsody) through the Ipad.

So, in essence: no problem with Spotify, no problem with Sonos, no problem with the Ipad. Everything is connected to the same network. It just won't play together. What should I do?

Thank you!

28 Replies

I have exactly the same problem!!

Guess I will have to call Sonos... 

Have exactly the same problem, not for the first time either. It resolves itself and it's fine for a while but it's irritating. I wish I knew whether it was Spotify or Sonos at fault so that I knew which to ditch.


Hi I have a 5 Play had spotify working fine until i changed my router from Sky for Sky Q why cant i connect to music i am being charged for?

I have also updated Sonos software to be compatible which doesnt work either

Ive realised that the SONOS is good in concept but their support is very poor and their so called staff are just the pits! Ive since moved to B&O system and their support is second to non. I feel that SONOS has lost pace with the market and now dropped to a budget speaker albeit their high price. Libratone Zipp have an execellent speaker that gives the SONOS Play 1 a run for its money. 
Rather than endless posts about the issues cannot SONOS just post what they've done so it saves the hassle of everyone calling? Simplicity hasnt caught on in the world of SONOS. 

I FEEL PRETTY MUCH LIKE SCAMED BY SONOS  NEVER WORKED WITH SPOTIFY!!! And what about some troubleshoting on this forum? Nothing, it is just imposible to get conected. This problem it looks like is has being going on for years and they do not solve it yet... please (I dont know what to say afterworks) if give a break or help me.

Hello Spotify users, I am experiencing the same problem acquiring a Spotify Connection through Sonos after many months of smooth connect ability. The workaround link no longer works, so could you provide it again?




3 and a half years later and I am now experiencing the exact same issue. This is pathetic. Sonos and Spotify obviously have some issues they need to work out but refuse to do so. Definitely would not recommend either of these products.

Did you get the incident number, i have same problem and rather not start from scratch. Thanks

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