Unable to play some Podcast Episodes

Unable to play some Podcast Episodes






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While listening to the german Podcast "Fest & Flauschig" I've come across several Episodes that I can't seem to play or download. Music streaming seems to work fine.

I can reproduce the issue with iOS App, macOS App, WebPlayer and Fire TV App.

Logout/login again or reinstallation doesn't solve the issue.

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Here is a List of the specific Episode that I can't play or download:

  • Feedbacks und Upgrades
  • Die Live Show
  • Die ersten Mandarinen
  • Niedlich, niedlich
  • Jörn & Olaf
  • Wieso machen Sie das?
  • Endlich wieder Biathlon
  • Unser Mann in Russland
  • Zu faul für Sexsucht
  • Der Fest & Flauschig Weihnachtszirkus - Teil 1
  • Der Fest & Flauschig Weihnachtszirkus - Teil 2
  • Raclette und Fondue
  • Das Jahr des Menschen

Same for me, seems to affect most of the older Fest&Flauschig-episodes from 2016/2017, it doesn´t matter whether I try it on the Android App or on my Desktop PC.

Yes it seems to me that up to the Episode from 21.01.2018 they don't work and from 28.01.2018 and onwards it works again.

I chatted with Anika W. from german Spotify Support on Saturday 27.04.2019 but she coduln't help me and promised to pass the issue on to their technical team.

Today I was contacted by Mihail from Spotify by E-Mail and I had the explain the issue again to him. Hopefully he will be able to help.

It seems to me the problem is solved. With the webplayer and Desktop app i could listen to the mentioned episodes.

Thanks for the resolution - works again on my devices, too.

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