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Unable to play some spesific songs (greyed out)

Unable to play some spesific songs (greyed out)

Some friends and I were listening to music at my place this weekend and we wanted to put on Metallica - Whiskey In the Jar, but for some reason this song wouldn't start on my computer. I was using the webapp at the time, but I've tested the same song in the local program as well with the same problem.


One of my friends pulled it up from his spotify on the phone and it played just fine.


When I add the song to a playlist, it's greyed out and the play icon is gone. It's the same for three other Metalica songs (Turn the Page, The Memory Remains and Where the Wild Things Are).


The only reasons I've been thinking of myself is:

1: The record label have withdrawn the license for this particular song

2: The song is block for my country (doens't explain why my friend could play it)

3: The track is getting an information update (shouldn't be necessary to block the song for almost a week for that)

4: The song might have been available earlier, my friend downloaded for offline use, which can explain why she could play it but not me.


It would still be nice to have this clarified and to know if these 4 songs are getting available again.

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Just an update.


The four songs are all part of two albums, Garage. Inc and Reload.

It seems the same issues goes for all the other songs on these two spesific albums.


It would be really helpful if anyone could confirm if the songs on these two albums work for anyone else. If it's not working for anyone else, that didn't download them for offline use when they were available, I would assume it's a license issue with the two albums.

Another update:


I've restarted my computer and now the songs work fine on my desktop, but it still doesn't work in the webplayer.


Screenshot with both web player and local program

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