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Unable to post spotify issues on your support forum

Unable to post spotify issues on your support forum





Desktop Browser Opera (Version:57.0.3098.76 (Newest)

Operating System

Windows 10 64 bit


My Question or Issue
I have been trying to post an issue with the web player and keep getting the error message "this message body contains" and then it just shows the whole content of my message, and asks me to remove this content before submitting my post.
I'm posting a tech support issue, how am I supposed to remove the content describing the issue, are you serious, you have bugs within your bug support?


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As an aside, this was the content from my original message which I've been unable to post. I'd be happy for a moderator to submit my post for me or figure out why I cannot submit it.

spotify what is not permitted_2018-12-01.PNG

Hey @potato123123.


Thanks for getting in touch!


We'd like to find out if it's device, network or account related. So if you could first try it out with a different account, and after that via a different network as well. This should give us an idea about what might be wrong.


Let us know what you can find. Looking forward to your reply.


Have a nice day!

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