Unable to use Spotify on Logitech Squeezebox Touch

Unable to use Spotify on Logitech Squeezebox Touch


Since ca. 2 months Spotify has stopped working on the Logitech Squeezebox Touch. I've reinstalled the app several times, with restarts of the apparatus etc., but it keeps displaying:


"we have updated the Spotify App. To take advantage of these new and exciting features, please go to www.mysqueezebox.com to enable your Spotify account". 


And I never get past this text.


However, I've enabled my Spotify account on www.mysqueezebox.com several times already, and this page displays that the squeezebox has been successfully connected to Spotify-account 112463748. One Squeezebox-forum-member suggested that the problem lies in the fact that I've got a Facebook-inlog-account in Spotify. However, this has worked before. So I'm at loss here.


All help is welcome!


GBJ Grob

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There's a function somewhere on your spotify account page, where you can get a normal username and login, tht's not connected to your facebook login. You need to use this to log in, not the fb account.


unfortunately (for you), I'm not sure where this function is, as I don't use an fb login. I saw this mentioned in a thread on the Slimdevices forum (forum.slimdevices.com).




Has anyone been able to figure out this problem?  I am getting the exact same error but I have never logged in using a facebook account, so the problem can't be related to that.  I have tried uninstalling/the app multiple times on mysqueezebox.com and even resetting to factory defaults on the device itself.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


no, not yet, unfortunately.


same issue here, no fix found - not a very useful message but just confirming for others this isn't isolated. Frustrating product


I too got this message, and managed to solve it. I did as follows:

  1. Log in to http://www.mysqueezebox.com/
  2. Go to My Apps
  3. Select Spotify
  4. Click the tab Player Settings
  5. Change the drop down for Status to Disabled for your player/username combination

I also deleted the app and added it again first, but I don't think it does matter. You may also need to log in and out again of mysqueezebox/spotify. Hope this works for you as well!


Just an additional note, I had a different Spotify account registered with my player, even though that account was deleted from current accounts in mysqueezebox.com. This was the combination I had to disable on the Player Settings tab.


Sorry to restart this tread but as a new user to Spotify I am getting exactly the same error message "Enable Spotify account. We have updated the Spotify App...." I have no redone all installations for several times but the problem persists. Does anybody have a solution? Would be really great - thank you !


Ooops- the registration does not allow for capital letters in the spotify username. all lowercase and it worked as it should. Sometimes the solution is simple.


The problem lies in the @yourmailadress in the username. Fill in your username with out the @ information. So user1234@gmail.com has to be user1234, then fill in your password.

Thank you for response. Unfortunately, the proposed solution doesn't help, either.

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