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Undo the change done to rap caviar

Undo the change done to rap caviar

1. It's buggy as all **bleep**
2. It's hideous
3. It makes you re-download every song every time you visit the playlist (R.I.P. offline listening)
4. It plays videos scarily similar to ads, get rid of these or make a way to hide them for premium users
5. It plays music videos that you can ONLY WATCH IN THE APP!!! It freezes your playlist and you either have to keep your phone on during the thing or skip it, who thought this was a good idea to start off with? I just want to listen to music.
6. Did I mention It's ugly? But to clarify, it looks like something MySpace would try to become 'hip' again, it ruins the UI, and worst of all the center picture is zoomed in by so much it's just pixels at that point

Please revert or add an option to go back to normal, this is honestly a huge mistake.
16 Replies

agree, I hate the new rap caviar.  I don't want music videos - just want the music!

Not to mention this **bleep** is eating our data plans up. I'm about to drop premium for Apple Music lol Spotify aka shooting itself in the foot here for no reason

I have only 1 complaint: make it so we can turn the videos OFF. If I'm sitting in my car or doing something that requires both of my hands I don't wanna listen to Rick Ross talk about his latest project out of nowhere. It completely ruins the flow of music and it only makes me care less.

I literally have to make a playlist off of Rap Caviar now... but maybe I always should have been.  That's kinda why I pay Spotify though.... please add a video/interview filter to this list if you are going to hold my parties hostage. 

I got fed up with the videos as well... I have a playlist to filter out the videos. I have the script run daily so it stays up to date 😄

Can you share your script? Between the videos and shoutouts in Rap Caviar, and removing the ability to play playlist folders on mobile, I've been looking to script updates to a playlist that feeds off other playlists. It sounds like your script would be a good start 🙂

I agree

Yes, please at least give us the option to revert to a regular playlist. Can't listen to Rap Caviar in the car anymore because of data. This update is *trash can emoji*

@vincetjr Youre a savior man. You should get some free premium out of 'fixing' their mistakes! (or at least made a perfect workaround!) Thanks man!

It has been trash since they started introducing these dumb videos and these random videos about rappers talking about stupid *beep* I don't care about. Give me my music with out this extra *beep*. I pay for Spotify for a reason, at this rate I should just go back to playing a repeat playlist on Pandora. It's getting old really fast...

Agreed. It locks up my phone and then I have to get up and go across the room and start over again. This is getting really old. How can you do this to the best playlist?

Rap Cavi-r playlist


Check out RapCavi-r.... kid on this thread named Vincent Smith Jr created it. Same list, no videos. Dude saved the world.

I hate the new RapCaviar I stopped using it months ago. But THANK YOU Vincent Smith for RapCavi-r. Glad I found this thread. 

Please share&follow my spotify page.for a great cause raising awareness on "anxiety",

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